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Thermal printer mechansim in Taximeter
Time: 2015-06-24
A taximeter is a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxicabs and auto rickshaws that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time. It is the shortened form of this word that gives the "taxi" its name.The modern taximeter was invented by German Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Bruhn in 1891,and the Daimler Victoria—the wor…
How to select thermal paper
Time: 2015-03-24
According to our experience, if the thermal paper white exaggeration, it shows that this is a serious jerry-built product. Because heat-sensitive paper coating raw materials are not pure white the to white color is achieved by adding a plethora of fluorescent agents, the same with some copy paper, these additives will react with thermal coating of thermal paper, then affect the…
Thermal printer applications
Time: 2014-05-30
Thermal printers print more quietly and usually faster than impact dot matrix printers. They are also smaller, lighter and consume less power, making them ideal for portable and retail applications. Roll-based printers can be rapidly refilled. Commercial applications of thermal printers include filling station pumps, information kiosks, point of sale systems, voucher printers i…
What is Thermal Printer ?
Time: 2013-03-05
A thermal printer (or direct thermal printer) produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper (or thermal paper as it is commonly known), when the paper passes over the thermal printer head, the coating turns black in the areas where it is heated and producing an image. A thermal printer comprises these key components:• Thermal head : generate…
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